“FG should stop playing politics with Second Niger Bridge”: Communique of the Igbo National Council


Communiqué of the Igbo National Council (INC) at the end of its meeting held Sunday, September 30, 2012 in Owerri Imo State

The meeting which was well attended by members, politicians, Igbo patriots from across the seven Igbo States and groups from Cross River and Akwa Ibom states respectively. During the plenary session, the council deliberated extensively on the State of Ndigbo and the Nigeria Nation.

The Igbo National Council (INC) is a coalition of New Generation of Igbo Political Leaders of Thought, CSO’s, CBO’s, FBO’s, Town Unions/ Community Development Unions, Trade Unions, Traders Associations, Youth and Student Associations, Women Associations, Professionals etc. working for the actualization of the Igbo Dream. The Council is presently made up of over eighty (80) affiliate’s organizations and is increasing in geometric progression.

After critical and exhaustive discussions, the Council resolved as follows:

1.    That the State of bad roads in the Eastern Nigeria is wretched. The Council pointed on the deplorable state of Port Harcourt – Aba – Enugu dual carriage, the Onitsha –Enugu, and the East-West road connecting Cross River – Akwa Ibom – Rivers – Bayelsa – Delta and Edo States just to mention a few, and called on the Federal Government to award the contract for the reconstruction of these major roads to a more competent, serious and sincere construction companies. The Council noted that these roads are very strategy and very important roads to aid the safety of lives and property of commuters using the roads. The roads if in good condition, will promote economic activities in these regions. That henceforth, any fatal accident on these roads will be seen as a continuation of the decimation of the Ndigbo and the blood will remain a permanent stain on the conscience of Nigerian leaders past and present.

2.    The Council condemned in strong terms the poor state of infrastructural development in the eastern region, and thus, called on the affected state governments and the federal government to wake-up to the realities and challenges. The council advises the Federal government to stop the politics of SECOND NIGER BRIDGE and construct a new one immediately. The Council urge the both states and federal government to carryout their responsibilities by creating the enabling environment so as to encourage infrastructural and economic development in the region to help address the problem of increasing population of unemployed youth that is fast forming a reserve army of unhappy Nigerians with its attendant social consequences.

In view of the above, the Council calls on the federal government to construct modern railway lines linking the states within the region and connect them with states outside the region.

The Council also called on the federal government to quickly award the contract to competent construction companies to reconstruct and upgrade the Sam Mbakwe International Cargo Airport with State of the acts equipment so it can function as a modern International Cargo Airport. Inter-alia.

3.    The Council called on the Imo, Anambra, Abia and Delta state governments respectively to promote good governance, democracy and popular participation by conducting elections into the Local Government Council before the end of first quarter of 2013 or face massive anti-government campaigns and protest.

4.    The Council also called on the Goodluck Jonathan led Federal Government to immediately step-up and reclaim the Bakassi region that was unjustly ceded to Cameroun nearly ten (10) years ago by the International Court of Justice (ICJ). This unjust judgment negates the principles and rights to self-determination of the people of Bakassi.

5.    The Council criticized the ongoing child’s play in the National Assembly in name of Constitution Review. The Council maintained the position that what Nigeria need is complete restructuring through a Sovereign National Conference (SNC) and not through cosmetic tinkering or review of obviously fraudulent document.

6.    On the 2015 General Elections in Nigeria, the Council noted that President Goodluck Jonathan has not full filled his electoral promises. Against this background, the Council therefore strongly advice President Goodluck Jonathan to concentrate on his current contract and not to think of re-contesting in 2015 as it’s the turn for Ndigbo to produce the President of Nigeria.

In view of the above, the Council resolved to shop for, support, canvass and mobilize for a Nigeria President of Igbo Extraction in 2015.

Chilos Godsent

To realize this short-term objective of enthroning a Nigeria President of Igbo Extraction in 2015, the Council, thus, inaugurated a Contact & Mobilization Committee with the mandate to make contacts with and seek the support of all political blocs and stakeholders of Igbo and non Igbo extractions, within and outside Nigeria. Make contacts with and mobilize to action, all the Ethnic Organizations, Social Movements, Civil Rights Movements, Political Parties, CSO’s, CBO’s, FBO’S, Trade Unions, Market Associations, Women Groups, Youths Groups, Students Groups, Igbo Professionals, Town Unions, and Igbo Traditional Rulers etc. within and outside the soil of ala-Igbo. Reach-out to other political stakeholders and interest groups / individuals(s) from other parts of Nigeria, meet with them, canvas the interests and broker alliance with them. Among other tasks, the committee will commence discussion with major political Parties in Nigeria with the aim of getting the Presidential Ticket of the Party.

Finally, the participants in the meeting called on the members of the Igbo Race to rally round the Igbo National Council (INC) and support this divine project as this is the best and God ordained time for it.


Chilos Godsent                                                                 Dr. Ekele Ikpegbu

President, INC                                                                     Secretary General

07037997507                                                                      08060775754


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