SCAM ALERT: Durodola impersonates cancer patient


It has come to the knowledge of family members and close friends of  Osarere Debbie Idiagbonya  (the young lady with breast cancer) that  one Miss Durodola Damilola Bolaji with phone number 08168267590 has  opened an account with Skye bank, account number  1051725734 in Ila  Orangun, claiming that Debby is her friend and that people can pay into this account on behalf of Debby.

However, Debby, her family members and friends disclosed that they do not know the said Durodola Damilola Bolaji and therefore advice members of the public that she  is a fraud, therefore should not have anything to do with her.

To donate to Debbie, please see her account details below:

Account name: Idiagbonya Osarere
Bank: Access bank
Account no: 0000216933
Debbie needs N6 Million for surgery. No amount is too small.

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