ANNOUNCEMENT: African Thinkers College of Education goes online

Rev Fr Stan Anih

In line with the efforts of the founders fathers of ATCOI COE, led by the Very Rev Father Prof. Stan Anih to train graduates who will be meaningful in the modern world of high-class of science, technology and development, ATCOI COE Rivers Zone will begin full application of On-line studies and Community of Inquiry (COI) from the 2012/13 session. The COI will apply in the Post Graduate School: PDE, PGDE and Masters Degree Classes. The new development does not serve as substitute to the existing physical class presence but will help to complement the great achievement already being recorded.

The on-line COI will hold in this group (AFRICAN THINKERS COMMUNITY OF INQUIRY COLLEGE OF EDUCATION, RIVERS ZONE) of facebook. All Post

 Graduate Inquirers in the zone have already been advised to obtain a facebook account, join this group as well as improve their competence in ICT usage in order to enjoy the immense benefits inherent int he study. Access to a modern computer system has also been made mandatory for all members of the PG School in the River Zone of ATCOI COE.


1. All Inquirers, Students and Facilitators can participate, contribute, and ask question from any location at which they find themselves.

2. All Inquirers can still make contributions and ask questions at any time after the active COI is completed.

3. The COI for a particular course continues on-line till the end of the semester and even beyond.

4. Any member and even non members of the class can have access to the contents of the course at any time in the future however long that could be.

5. It will ensure that students begin to actively use and improve themselves in the ICT system which is a prerequisite for functionality in todays world.

6. It will ensure involvement of persons as students in the Zone no matter their geographical location or time of works and business.

7. It will build students preparedness for contributions during the physical Community of Inquiry (COI) at the study center.

8. it will give students and facilitators quick access to rich on-line materials, links, sites and libraries while in class.

9. Minimizes the cost and time of physical appearance in the classroom.

This methodology will be applied to other levels of study in due course.

Zulu Ofoelue

The modern world is simple in operation since it make provisions for ease of lives. It is wise for us to take advantage of this now and to make us more relevant in the now and in the future.

Thank you as you join us in this beautiful attempts at a more holistic empowerment, growth and development of education which will assure us authentic living and self-actualization in new millennium.

Your Co-inquirer,

– Comrade Zulu Ofoelue- Zonal Coordinator ATCOE Rivers


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