Prostitute flees after telling Regular client her HIV/AIDS status

Prostitute flees after telling Regular client her HIV/AIDS status

A married man in Bulawayo has been arrested for defiling a prostitute in the bush. Friday Nkala was a regular client of the pr*stitute but on the day he refused to pay. The hooker said no s*x and Nkala forced her.

After committing the crime, Nkala realised to his horror that the condom had burst and the prostitute taunted him saying she was HIV positive.

It is said that on 20 June, Nkala phoned the woman and told her that he was in urgent need of her services. He told her that his wife had come back from the rural areas, so there was no ‘base’.

The two then agreed to meet along a secluded spot along the stream in Njube. Upon meeting, Nkala said he did not have money to pay for the s*xual ‘favours’. The pr*stitute reportedly told Nkala that she was fed up with him for requesting for ‘friendly matches’.

Nkala had failed to pay for their last encounter. As such she refused. Nkala was not going to have any of it and threatened her with a stone, demanding that she undresses. The woman then complied. He ordered her to lie on the ground and then r*ped her.

While he was still doing so, his mobile phone rang and consequently he stopped. He then discovered the burst condom and the pr*stitute delivered her devastating news before fleeing in the nude.

She sought refuge at a nearby house and later made a report to the police leading to Nkala’s arrest.

Nkala appeared before Western Commonage magistrate, Mr Themba Chimiso. He was remanded in custody to 24 July.


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