Like Ogoni, Bakassi Declares Independence, Hoists National Flag, Sets Up Radio Station


A group of displaced Bakassi youths has threatened to form its own nation following alleged abandonment by the Federal Government and the ceding of their ancestral land to the Republic of Cameroon.

A militant group in the area, Bakassi Self Determination Front, has, meanwhile, hoisted its Blue-White-Red liberation flag dotted with stars at Dayspring, which was supposed to be the resettlement camp for the displaced and has set up a radio station.

The station, which allegedly started test-transmission on August 6, 2012, at 12p.m., operates on 4.2 MHz and 5.2MHz Short Wave band in both Efik and English languages, disseminates information on activities in the ceded Peninsula.

The Bakassi Self Determination Front had, four days ago, issued a two- week ultimatum to its people living in the ceded territory to vacate or be crushed. It also warned against movement on the sea on Saturday August 11 and Sunday 12, 2012.

It was alleged that the group had in a text message to the member representing Bakassi/Calabar South/Akpabuyo constituency in the House of Representatives, Mr Essien Ayi, said: “This is your constituency, there shall be no movement of boats from Ikang beach or Marina beach to Cameroon on August 11 and 12, 2012.


“Announce to your constituents, major takeover events will occur that will take the world by surprise for those who dance for the society must learn to know when the drumming demands a new dance.

“Those who come from Usakedet by bush track to Akwa and Archibong town must not move on those days. God will definitely be on the throne on these days. We hope you will save your people.”

The group claimed that a Cameroon radio monitored in Yoande said the military high command of the country was watching the unfolding events in Bakassi and will respond to it appropriately.


One thought on “Like Ogoni, Bakassi Declares Independence, Hoists National Flag, Sets Up Radio Station

  1. I think that should be the solution since the government of Nigeria is silence and neglect the people of Bakassi and entire cross riverians.The decision is very good since Government can not fight for their right let them decide on their independent,because procrastination is the grave where opportunity is buried.Nigeria and their leaders are noll in action, they always do things at eleven hours.October 12 is quite approach for them to appeal the judgement at the world court,


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