Patrick Obahiagbon comments on Ogoni break-away


Patrick Obahiagbon on the Ogoni’s Independence Declaration:
“Let it be noted that at the risk of sounding platitudinously humdrum, we have asseverated for the upteenth time, that the convocation of a sovereign national conference for purposes of interrogating the odoriferous vaudeville of our national jeremiad, remains the only potent and efficaciously utilitarian paspartou out of our cascading national sirocco but alas, disdain complacency to say the least and at best Olympian pococuranteism and the tedium of prescriptive poco a poco is what we have been greeted with by intellectual philistines, high priests of a prebendal state and their opprobrious agents…”
I think this is self explanatory, isnt it?


2 thoughts on “Patrick Obahiagbon comments on Ogoni break-away

  1. The Ogonis have been neglected for many yrs nd they people are suffering. The fed Govt are insincere about the UNEP report on Ogoni land. May God help the Ogonis..


  2. Befor the UNEP report on the Ogoni, there was, and there is the ( OBR)OGONI BILL OF RIGHTS, a document that was presented to the govt and people of Nigeria in 1992 by MOSOP, Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People, this document explain the suffereing and experience of the Ogonis , as well as their demands plus their contribution to nigeria. The UNEP report is just a fraction of the content of the OBR,But even when the assesment is done the occean of corruption called nigeria found it difficult to inplement it.
    Recently nigerian jonalist are saying Ogoni are planning to break away,NO, it’s not true, what the want have declared and have wanted is political autonomy as it is clearly stated in the OBR.. For you nigerians please read the OBR before you further comfuse youselves with an Ogoni and independence and Ogoni political autonomy.
    hausa/yoruba/ibo would declared independence,,Ogonis have suffered for too long for nigeria, they have sacrifice their lives for nigeria and yet have been relegated to the background. Saro Wiwa Killed, He was all we have, His death pains us every day, we are tire of waiting, begging, and will use every avenue to liberate Ogoniland for the children of Ogoni.


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