Prophet Demands Mills’ Corpse; Claims He Can Bring Him Back To Life


Since the death of President John Evans Mills a week ago, several ‘men of God’ are claiming that they prophesied about the President’s death and happenings afterwards. Some have claimed that the late President’s death could have been averted if specific directions and prayers had been followed while others have said it was bound to happen. But in what can be said to be the boldest claim yet, a prophet, Segbene Xenodzi, who described himself as a servant of Yahweh says he has received a revelation from God that will empower him to bring President Mills back to life.

In an interview with Adom News Monday, a confident Prophet Xenodzi stated that though God directed that the revelation be followed by sundown on Saturday 28th July, there is still an opportunity for the nation to return to God and follow the directions that had been given. He added that God had promised that if those directives were followed, He would force the four winds of the earth to blow and resurrect the late president. He expressed worry that even though he had publicized the directive since he received it from God the media had failed to support his cause whiles government officials had refused him access to President Mills’ corpse to be able to pray for the resurrection process to begin.


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