NYSC POSTING: Igboville counts blessings


Igboville/ Oganiru Ndi Igbo, a pan-Igbo socio-cultural organisation has expressed its joy at the succcess recorded in its cry out for Igbo graduates not to be deployed to volatile areas in the North. Igboville had written a letter to the Presidency, National Assembly and media proesting the posting a short while ago, and the House of Representatives had promptly instructed the NYSC to stop such posting.

Information gathered by Jungle Journalist revealed that some of the Corp members who got across to the organisation were accordingly redeployed to states where they are safe. John Okiyi Kalu, popularloy known as JOK, who is a stauch member of the organisation, has this to say in a recent comment:

“Our efforts were not in vain.

In the course of our NYSC reposting campaigns we received several emails from those wishing to be reposted from the flash point states. They included Igbos, Yoruba and Edo corpers. When the announcement was made by DG NYSC that those wishing to be reposted should come to Abuja, we promptly replied all of them and asked them to appear at Abuja with their call up letters.

But when the Bauchi bombing rumor broke, we wrote the corpers who were originally posted to that state to confirm if there was actually a blast. One of them sent us this response:

“I don’t know how true dat story is cos I didn’t go there again I took my call up to Abuja as you informed and was reposted to Ondo courtesy of u people’s campaign. Thanks once again.”-Uju Okafor.

This confirms that all those who wrote us and followed our advise were possibly redeployed before monster Inuwa gave his reverse order.

We did our bit, in my view.

Thank you.”


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