Starstruck: Girl Sends Her Nude Pictures To fake Don Jazzy




A girl who is obsessed with popular music producer, Don Jazzy and tweets him regularly, sent her nude pictures to a fake Don Jazzy account. The fake Don Jazzy decided to expose her on twitter by circulating the pictures. (See the pictures below – ADULTS ONLY)


But the girl was undaunted, and chose not to see anything wrong with it. Here is how she reacted to the issue:

I came to this world naked, and naked will I return. SO WTF? giggle



6 thoughts on “Starstruck: Girl Sends Her Nude Pictures To fake Don Jazzy

  1. Thank you for doing the lady a favour with your (lame) attempt at obscuring her face though I suspect strongly that I(along with the thousand others who are unfortunate to run into the post) would recognize her anyday even in a dark night.
    Also, let me not forget to thank you for your (needless) warning that the pictures posted are for adults only. With the pervasive exposure of minors to the internet, I dare say that you would hardly find a minor who would heed the advise. As we all know about youngsters, a stern warning to desist from some action may well be the stimulus to engage in it.
    But no thanks for what I think is the most irresponsible display of journalism that I have come across in a long while.
    You could, at least, have attempted to properly blurr her face along with the sensitive parts of her body that are exposed. What you have just done amounts to pornography, pure and simple.
    Let me hasten to say that I do not offer any opinion as to the correctless whether politically, morally or religiously of pornography. Still, I am miffed that you would resort to pornography in the pretext of journalism.
    The sooner we narrower journalism from an ‘all-comers’ field to a responsible occupation that is practised by responsible persons then the better for us all. Period!


    1. Thanks for your observation. I must admit that we did not live up to expectations in this post. It is tainted as you observed. Will endeavour to avoid such reportage next subsequently.


  2. Nigerians are too desperate to survive all thanks to our dear government who have decided to only share our wealth within themselves alone and allow us to survive anyhow, that’s why our young guys sell their kidney’s in Malaysia and other part of the world to make it quick and now THIS. God please come to our rescue.


  3. Even if she did sendher pix to someone,is that why a man born of a woman should post this for the world to see. Well, all I know is that all that goes around comes around, we should learn to behave like human beings not animals


  4. she sends her nude pic to fake don jazzy,and you help the fake don jazzy spread it to the world..kudos…fuck you guys….learn to be moral a little,if she were ur sister,i hope u will love to do same.


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