Abia Govt partners with Ndi Igbo FB page to evacuate students in North

The Abia State Government has expressed its desires to go into a parntership with Ndi Igbo Facebook page in order to carry out an efficient and effective evacuation of its students trapped in volatile Northern Nigeria.
This development, Jungle Journalist learnt was borne out of cries from Igbo students studying in the North, especially in places like Kaduna and Zaria in Kaduna State. Confirming the development, the coordinator of Ndi Igbo Facebook page, Afikpo Chic told Jungle Journalist that the state government was alarmed at the level of insecurity in the North, especially as it affects Christians and Igbos alike, who are prime targets in Boko Haram terrorist attacks.
“As our brother’s keepers, we have always done this whenever there is such a situation in the North. But our people are stubborn. How can you risk your life just to make money in a land where your kinsmen are butchered daily? We are impressed that Abia responded so fast. What we are going to do is be the middleman between these students and the state government as we hope to ensure that they all are evacuated. I want to use this opportunity to appeal to other state governors of the South East to follow suit. We commend Governor T A Orji and his Governmenent for this move,” she said.
It would be recalled that following the growing attack of Southerners and Christians in Northern Nigeria, Southerners, especially students have been sending SOS messages to their state governments. One major avenue through which these messages have been conveyed have been through social networks like Facebook. Ndi Igbo Facebook page has over the years proven to be the number one of such help pages in Nigeria. To effect the evacuation with immediate effect, Ndi Igbo has put up the following notice on their page-
SOS: Any student or student body from Abia state that needs help leaving their environment in volatile North should please contact Admins for immediate solution.

We want to now appeal to the Govts of Imo, Anambra, Ebonyi and Enugu to follow suit.


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