We only bomb churches, not mosques-Boko Haram

Boko Haram has denied the story reported in the media last week thatit attempted to bomb the Fagge mosque located on Murtala Muhammad Way in WAPA area of Fagge Local Government which is thesecond biggest Eid (Sallah prayer) mosques in Kano.
They claimed that they are on a Jihad and so will never bomb a place where God is worshipped. In their statement which appears below they said “how can we bomb where Allah is being worshipped?”.
Boko Haram has claimed responsibility for bombing several churches and killings hundreds of worshippers, but they have never been known to bomb a church.
Below is their statement;
“Blessed and thanks be to Almighty Allah and merciful. And to also his Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.). After this we wish to react to what we heard in the media yesterday Friday that some people attempted to plantbomb in one of the Friday mosques in Kano City. This jihad being advance by Jama’atu Ahlissunnah Lidda’awati Wal-Jihad wish to distance itself from this atrocity, and we are aware that it is such mischief being orchestrated and in line with the operations of SSS like their counterparts in other parts of the world; all in the bid of
blackmailingMujahedeens. And they will not succeed by the power of Almighty Allah, because everybody knows that we are doing only Jihad towards ensuring adhering to Muslim system. It is because of this that we were being said to be “Islamic Extremists”, and so how can we bomb where Allah is being worshipped? Because of this, it is justmischief of those kicking against the realization of Islamic state, and they will not achieve their sinister plot with the power of Allah on our side.
“We are happy to express our happiness and joy because of the gallantry Almighty Allah granted our brother Habibu Bama, we are hopingAllah accepts this act of martyrdom and his sacrifice to Jihad, dying in thefield of war is a pride and most cherished last pride of a real Muslim.
“Again, we are warning the media up to now to brace up, because like they know we are working very hardto avoid face up with them. But up to now some of them did not understand us. Because like we put itas a condition to them, any media outlet that knows they will not report our messages as we put in correct form, it should not disseminate it completely, even fromthe government side concerning us and even if it is Goodluck Jonathan that talk about us. They shouldn’t make a mistake and report it. And if they make mistake and report it, then whatever that befall them, theyshould cry with themselves.”


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