N1 Billion Naira suit against National Mirror-Charly Boy told me he’s gay, Ogboni –Ed Jatto


Edward Jatto, publisher and Executive Editor of Danfo Express, speaks on Charly Boy’s controversial gay and Illuminati interview. “There is no basis for libel,” he declares in an interview with OSEYIZA OOGBODO.

Tell us your name and what you do.

My name is Isezuo Edward Jatto and I’m the executive editor of Danfo Express.

Do you know Charly Boy?

Of course. We’ve been friends for years. We are very close. Very close friends.

Did Charly Boy grant you an interview saying he’s gay and the head of Nigeria’s Illuminati?

Of course. I wouldn’t write anything that Charly Boy did not say, you know, because I told him I was going to publish the interview word for word, that whatever he said would be in print and he said he didn’t care. So that’s what I did. I didn’t do anything beyond or against what he said I could do.

Did he say any other shocking things in it?

Oh, more! Everything he said is in the debut edi-tion of Danfo Express. Let somebody hit me back and say he did not say that.

Where did the interview take place?

It was in Ikeja. Elmina Crescent. It was on the last day of Nigerian Idol.

What time was it?

Well, it was in the afternoon. Around 2 o’clock.

Can you recall the particular venue?

It was a hotel. It was in his room. I was not alone. I was with one of my reporters.

What you are saying now is that Charly Boy was lodged in that hotel?

We didn’t go to Charly Boy one day oh. This is something that we had been asking for, for like two weeks. Then we went there twice. First day for in-terview, second day to get all the pictures that we needed.

Are you aware that Charly Boy is denying granting you that interview?

Oh, come on, men, how can he deny that! May-be he’s denying it to you, he hasn’t denied it to me Jattothough.Why do you think he’s denying it to the world?Well, let me tell you, the biggest question in that in-terview and the shocking revelation was, you know, tell me something that people don’t really have a good pic-ture about you. So that’s where the big answer, that’s where it came from.

Charly Boy has said in several statements in reaction to the gay story that you, Edward Jatto, are unstable, and that your newspaper, Danfo Ex-press, is inconsequential. Do you agree?

Unstable? Have I been taken to psychiatric ward be-fore? Well, he knows me, why would you be a friend to somebody who’s unstable. Somebody who’s unstable means that he can stab you anytime, he can shoot you, sometimes he has a mood change and all those stuff. No, that’s not Jatto. Jatto is a musician also, so there’s nothing that he (Charly Boy) can say about that. Well, I mean, everybody knows the answer so he can’t say that. Then that Danfo Express is inconsequential, come on, how can Danfo Express and then you will be granting a newspaper that is inconsequential an interview. What for?

So what do you think of Charly Boy?

He’s a friend. He’s a very good friend. Actually, I keep saying that Charly Boy did a favour for me by giving me very good news for my paper.

When he was telling you all these things in your interview that he was gay and an Illuminati mem-ber, did you believe he was being real or that it was just a publicity stunt?

I mean, what right do I have to say that an informa-tion somebody is giving to a journalist is false? I don’t live with him, even though he’s my friend;  so whatever information he gave to me is what I put out there. To me, I don’t really see anything wrong with it, even if Charly Boy says he’s gay. I mean, he says he’s gay, he’s gay. In America, people are proud of being gay.

Danfo Express, with the full interview

Tell us your experience in the media.

I used to write for one newspaper that was called Africans Abroad in Washington DC. I was a corre-spondent. The paper was based in Atlanta, Georgia. I was an entertainment writer for them, and apart from them, I have done a lot of features in other newspapers.

I mean I have experience, not that I just jumped into it. My own is just that I got into newspaper now because I think that this information that Charly Boy gave to me, if he had given it to somebody else, he would like to edit it because he would be afraid to get in trouble. If you give me any news about the President or Vice-President, I’m not afraid to use it, I’m gonna use it, that’s what we call newspaper.

You know, my newspaper, I call it the voice of the ghetto. That’s why we don’t have office in Ikoyi or in VI. We are in the ghetto and we are the voice for the voiceless.

That’s what Danfo Express is all about.

Charly Boy is presently threatening legal ac-tion over the interview which you are the origi-nal owner. Has he instituted legal action against you?

No, not really. But I’ve spoken with him. He’s a friend. He never threatened to sue me for anything, you know. I mean, there’s nothing to sue for. I didn’t go there with empty hands. I went there with my re-corder; he granted me an interview and he never told me he was gonna sue me.

If he sues you, what will you do?

It’s not gonna happen. As a journalist, when you go out, you need evidence. I mean why would some-body sue for something that you said with your own mouth, on tape? There’s no need for that.



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