Judge Threatens To Discharge 24 Boko Haram Suspects


Justice Abdul Kafarati, a Judge of the Federal High Court, on Thursday in Abuja, threatened to discharge the 24 suspected Boko Haram members standing trial before the court.

The judge, who granted the police a last adjournment for September 18, said the prosecution counsel had not showed diligence in prosecuting the case.

Justice Kafarati said, “I should have discharged the accused persons today, but I am compelled by justice to restrain such action and allow the prosecution one last chance.

“The court had adjourned this matter four times at the instance of the prosecutor, who had always promised to bring his witnesses to court but failed each time.

“I shall, therefore, discharge the accused persons should the prosecution fail to bring the witnesses to court on the next adjourned date.

“The prosecution was ordered to avail the accused persons’ lawyers’ proof of evidence.

“It is against the court procedure not to do that a year after the accused persons were arraigned.”

Some of the suspects are Umar Alia 21, Musa Yakubu Gava (38), Awalu Mohd (35), Modu Bama (36), Yakubu Modu Kolibe (15), Mohd Alhaji Modu (23), Badare Hassan (27), Mohd Umar (21) and Mohd Sheriff (23).

The police alleged that the accused, who were facing a five counts, conspired to commit felony and act of terrorism in Maiduguri.



One thought on “Judge Threatens To Discharge 24 Boko Haram Suspects

  1. i think the judge should have patience before he react on those issues because if he does that our life is astake. I play that will really help us in this world amen


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