Dying Suicide Bomber Tells Police: “We Are Doing God’s Work”

ImageIn a deathbed confession, a young suspected Boko Haram suicide bomber told an officer in Bauchi that the group was “doing God’s work” and would not stop.The youth, who appeared to be between 20-24, was critically injured when bombs detonated and the explosion tore into his body, sending pieces in every direction.

The Bauchi State Police Command recalled his last words before his death. Spokesman Abdullahi Abubakar reported: “At around 5:05 pm yesterday in Bauchi town, our attention was drawn to a young man between the ages of 20 to 24 lying critically injured after an explosion. On reaching the youth, our anti-bomb team searched him and recovered a pistol and bomb. Before he died he told us that they are doing God’s work and will not stop,” – an apparent reference to Boko Haram.

On why the police moved him out of the hospital, the spokesman explained: “In the hospital we got an intelligence report that some people would come and take him away, and so we moved him to our headquarters under a drip with a doctor and it was with us that he later died because his legs were blown apart as were other parts of his body.”


13 thoughts on “Dying Suicide Bomber Tells Police: “We Are Doing God’s Work”

  1. funny how they work for God, can u imagine dis ages? such young lives that hasnt achieved much. i thougth sucide bomber wia physicked that they will either disappear or have virgins waiting in heaven 4 dem. this is a straigth road 2 hell and i hope other can learn 4rm dis and not risk dia life for nothing.


  2. This indeed is d fulfilment of God’s word, it shld nt b a surprising thing 2 hear dem say, dey ar doin God’s work, its writen in d holy bible. Lets b watchfl dat we do nt loose faith!


  3. Killing inotsen life for nothing, those seven wife are waiting for you in Hell including your mother, & the evil mother, we need more Boko haram dying if they shouldn’t Repent.


  4. Wat will ur generation be remembered for dat their fathers were sucide bombers,u kill innocent pple ur conscience is dead!God will judge us all.wat do u want dat d country cannot giv uuuu.go and fight d government leave d poor alone.becos d ur pple on d street d begars are sufering.is ur people u are suffering not d pple U think dey are ur enemies.THINk!


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