Suicide bombers attack Kaduna Churches, youths retaliate, burn mosques

Three churches were the targets of suicide bomb attacks this morning in Kaduna state.
According to eye witnesses, one went off at the Evangelical Church of West Africa (ECWA) church, Wusasa and another at theChrist the King Cathedral, Yoruba Street, Sabon Gari, Zaria.
The third church, Shalom Church at Trikania close to Abuja Flyover and Textile Labour house, was hit by multiple explosions around 10:17am.
Initial reports suggest that the Wusasa bomber did not reach the building because of security before the bomb detonated. Though casualty figures are not available yet, eyewitness accounts say there were dead and wounded at all three churches.
The explosions have sparked violence in Kaduna as youth retaliated, moving around with cutlasses and sticks among other weapons. Sources say the youths have burnt a mosque at Television area and another at Goningora was broken into and vandalised in retaliation for the attacks on the three churches. An eyewitness reported that the Goningora mosque was set on fire, thirty minutes after the initial vandalisation.
Men of Operation Yaki are said to have taken charge of the situation, especially around Goningora which is along the Abuja-Kaduna expressway and where Christian youths were beginning to get violent. An eyewitness said he saw four dead bodies near the Goningora mosque. Other trouble spots so far identified are Sabo, Trikania, Television area, Tudun Wada and Unguwan Rimi.
Road blocks have been set up at strategic areas and traffic along the expressway has been halted. Other areas of Kaduna metropolis are experiencing an uneasy calm.
The Abuja-Kaduna expressway links many states in the North to Abuja. Looters were also said to be on rampage, robbing the wounded and the dead. One however, met his waterloo when e made for the offering basket. He was lynched instantly inside the church by irate youths. More details later…

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