WHY I KILLED MY HUSBAND –Teacher Who Killed PDP Secretary


The PDP secretary in Lere LGA of Kaduna State, who was to take in another woman today, was killed by his wife. She that she didn’t kill her husband because he planned to marry a second wife.

A-35 year old teacher in Kero village, Garu district in Lere local government area of Kaduna state, Mrs Janet Yakubu said she used a machete in cutting her husband, which led to his eventual death, because he was fond of beating her. She said it had nothing to do with his plan to take in another woman. Jafaru Yakubu, The PDP secretary in Lere, had concluded arrangement to marry a second wife today, but his wife, with whom he had no child, sent him to an early grave.

“I did not killed him because of our childlessness or because he was trying to take another wife. I used the machete I bought three weeks ago on him because he beat me up when he came back around 10pm of that Tuesday”.

She said penultimate Tuesday when her husband returned home “I was already asleep, I heard him talking on his top of his voice that I should wake up. Soon, he pounced on me and beat me up. I went outside our apartment and started crying.

“It was while I was outside that the devil asked me to use the machete I bought for my farm on him. I picked it and sneaked into his room even though there was no power supply that time, I stabbed him at different places,” she said.

After stabbing, she said she ran out and raised alarm that some strangers have attacked her and her husband. “After my action, fear enveloped me so I threw the machete into our soak-away; I ran out and shouted that some strangers have attacked us. So his family who are living around us came in.

“When they entered and saw the degree of the injuries he sustained, one of them pointed accusing finger at me. They took me to the police outpost and the policemen after interrogating me, followed me back to our house where they found the blood stained machete in the soak-away. It was at that point I confessed using it on him. My intention was not to kill him,” said Janet, who is a primary four teacher at the LEA primary school in Kero.

She said they have been together with her footballer turned politician for 16 years as husband and wife, adding that even though their 16 years marriage was not blessed with any child, her husband ignored all pressure from his family members to send her packing.

“Even though medical examinations have shown that our inability to bear a child was not from my side, my husband kept going round to get healing for me. In fact, early this month he got herbs for me and he told me of his intention to get another wife. Please help me to apologise to the family of my late husband, what I did was a mistake and I had no intention to kill him,” she said tearfully.

While expressing regret over action, Janet who hailed from Malagum village in Kaura local government insisted that she bought the machete not for the purpose of eliminating her husband but for her farm use.

Weekly Trust gathered that her husband who had deep cuts on his head, chest and three other places died at the Saminaka General Hospital as result of excessive bleeding.

Spokesperson of the Kaduna State Police Command, DSP Aminu Lawan said when the family of her husband saw him with many deep cuts on his body, they held her responsible. He said during interrogation she confessed killing her husband.

Mr Talata Yakubu, an elder brother to the deceased, said he was sleeping in his house around 3am when the late Jafaru knocked on his door asking him to come out.

“When I came out, he used a torch light to show me cuts on his head saying ‘see what my wife did to me.’ I saw five different cuts on his head,” Talata said.

Talata further said that before the incident Janet had bought a new machete worth N500 from the market in Garu. He said when his wife asked her what she wanted to do with a machete Janet said she wants to use it at the farm.

Another relative of the deceased and former councillor of Garu ward Hon Anthony Chindo said “We were the ones that went to bring her after their wedding at Mallagum, in Zangon Kataf, Kaduna State. I remember that time when Jafaru married her she only had a primary school leaving certificate but he sponsored her up to NCE level. That time I was the councillor of Garu ward and I helped her to get a teaching job at a primary school.”

Blessing Manchi Samson, whom the late Jafaru wanted to take as second wife. Blessing, who resides in Jengre, Bassa local government area of Plateau State, said “Janet has cheated me and the man’s family. We have concluded arrangement for our wedding. So when I heard the news, I was shocked. But I leave everything to God.” – Weekly Trust.


3 thoughts on “WHY I KILLED MY HUSBAND –Teacher Who Killed PDP Secretary

  1. It is a wicked world out dere n blv me wen i say dese are signs of endtimes.so brodas n sistas mak una dey fear God ooooooooo


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