Chris Okotie in debt scandal


Keyboadist, Okiotor Richard Dafiaghor popularly called Daphee in the industry has just opened up in an exclusive interview that, the man of God behind Household of God, Rev. Kris Okotie is indebted to him.


“I joined the Household of God church in 1994 and I started playing the keyboard for the church in 1995. I will not actually say I’m playing for the church but playing for Kris Okotie.” 


Daphee further narrated, “the agreement we made which started in 1995 was N10,000 monthly salary. It was verbal agreement and he also promised me a recording deal with his recording company. I thought after sometime he would upgrade our agreement. The said N10,000 salary was paid only once. 


“He kept promising me here and there. The funniest thing is that when you’re working in a church, there is this style of using God’s name to convince you that when God’s time comes, everything will be okay. For 14 years, he only paid me once,” he said.



The Fresh Party presidential flag-bearer, Rev. Okotie is said not to have had time for a man like Daphee when we tried to reach him through one of his aides.


2 thoughts on “Chris Okotie in debt scandal

  1. After 14 years or so he decided to grant interview to drag the man’s name to the mud,people of the world!why dig a corpse out of the ground.Why now!


  2. hmmm this is really interesting, this same man of God who spend so much money on flowers to the extent that he turned a whole field to flower garden now happen to be debtor,what a life.


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