Boko Haram warns FG, media houses again:We will destroy you

BOKO HARAM: To establish Sharia system in the Country.
**We would never open our doors for any talks…
**”As Allah pleases, we have succeeded in killing retired DIG Haruna Ningi in Kano..
**We will soon dismantle the Fed Govt…
**Any media organization that failedto give us the right of reply should have itself to blame..
Leader of the Jama’atu Ahlis Sunnah Lidda’awati wal Jihad, known as Boko Haram, Imam Abu Muhammad Abubakar Bin Muhammad Shekau, yesterday denied statements credited to renowned Islamic scholar, Sheikh Dahiru Usman Bauchi,that the sect had agreed to resume dialogue with the federal government.
In a statement sent to reporters in Maiduguri last night, Shekau said theBoko Haram would never resume dialogue, stressing that they would soon dismantle the federal government and establish Sharia system in the country.
The sect equally warned the media to publish their “dissociation” from the purported talks and give it the kind of prominence given Dahiru Bauchi or risk being attacked.
The group also claimed responsibilityfor the killing of retired DIG Sale Abubakar Ningi in Kano on Tuesday, threatening to continue to attack the“who is who” in the country.
The statement written in Hausa and signed by the spokesman of the group, Abul Qaqa last night reads in full: “This is a response to the story we read in the media that our group, the Jama’atu Ahlis Sunnah Lidda awati wal Jihad, would commence, or rather had commenced dialogue with the federal government of Nigeria through Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi.
“We want to inform the general public that there is no iota of truth in all what was said. We also want to appeal to the learned Sheikh to steerclear because he is highly revered in the society and must remain as such.
“He should preserve and protect his integrity. He must also desist from giving room to some misguided elements to mislead and drag his name in the mud.
“We want to reiterate that there were no talks or dialogue between us and anybody or group since the time that Dr. Ibrahim Datti’s mediation moves collapsed.
“We have made it abundantly clear that we would never open our doors for any talks because our noble Prophet (Muhammad S.A.W) said a true believer will never avail himself to be deceived twice.
“We also want to bring to the notice of the general public that on Tuesday, operatives of the JTF had made attempt to waylay some of ourbrethrens at Kawarmaila area of Maiduguri metropolis. As Allah pleased, they did not succeed because we triumphed over them and killed over 50 soldiers. We lost only one member from our group andwe believe he is a martyr.
“But in their (JTF) usual antics, when they returned to the area today (yesterday) to collect the corpses of their people, they clamped down on the civilian population and burnt many houses in order to vent their frustration.
“However, we want to appeal to the peace loving people of Borno State to persevere because by the Grace of Allah, we would very soon chase away the military operatives of the infidels and establish Sharia system which will be full of fairness and justice.
“As Allah pleases, we have succeeded in killing retired DIG Haruna Ningi in Kano on Tuesday. Wewant to reiterate that we would intensify our searchlight on all who iswho in the present dispensation untilwe eliminate all of them.
“We are also sending red signal to allmedia houses who relentlessly gave prominence to what Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi said in respect of the purported dialogue to accord similar treatment to what we said. “Any media organization that failed to give us the right of reply should have itself to blame because we would target it even if such medium is not among the ones we earlier promised to attack. This is a warning to all radio, television and newspaper houses.”


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