Dad burns 8-year-old daughter to death with hot iron, forced her to eat faeces

An Emirati man who tortured his eight-year-old daughter to death urged court to sentence him to death, saying he was very sorry for what he had done and wanted to commit a suicide, a newspaper reported on Monday.

Hamad Saud, 27, acknowledged he and his girl friend had beaten up and tortured his daughter, Wadima, but that he had not expected her to die. He said he got a big shock when he found that the girl was dead.

“I tried many times to wake her up but she was not moving…I woke up her younger sister Mira and started to scream many times…I was screaming unconsciously ‘Wadima is dead….Wadima is dead….’…,” he said in a telephone interview from jail with Dubai-based Emirat Alyoum Arabic language daily.

“I was in a state of shock…I wanted to call the police but I could not…I wanted to leave my daughter in the apartment but my partner said we have to bury her because there will be stench by time and the body will be discovered…we then went to that area and buried her…I regretted what I have done and could not stop weeping at her grave…I then went into a state of depression and thought many times of committing a suicide….I just want to be executed as soon as possible so I will get rid of my daily suffering.”

Reacting to the crime, Hamad’s father has demanded the execution of his son for murdering Wadima by systematic beating and torture with a hot iron.

The father said he and all his family have disowned Hamad for murdering his daughter with the assistance of his girl friend under the influence of alcohol and drugs before shaving her head off and burying her in the desert.

“It is a heinous crime…..they tortured my granddaughter with a hot iron and forced her to eat her own waste and discharge….they had also beaten her up regularly before death…..we can not forgive him and insist on his execution and the death of his girl friend who helped him in this ugly crime,” he told the Dubai-based Emirat Alyoum Arabic language daily.


One thought on “Dad burns 8-year-old daughter to death with hot iron, forced her to eat faeces

  1. The girl is with God now, before he commits suicide and end up in hell fire, he should repent and give his life to the Lord Jesus Christ sa as to end well and meet his daughter. Jesus is merciful and can pardon.


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